Works in Progress

Break or Bleed: Lovecraftian tale of a she-monster from the darkness and the not-so-compliant and violent relationship she has with an art dealer.

The Imaginary Motorbike: a little weird story began from a title prompt. Fantasy centering about a young boy and his semi-sentient two-wheeled pet.

Quellseek: The Army of Empaths, Book 1. Fantasy/Off-world. Current chapter in progress: Chapter 11: Whisperers in the Dark , Chapter 12: A Visit to the Hungry Hills; Chapter 13: Natural Son; Chapter 14: Quellseek Comes to Endicott; Chapter 15: The Death of the King.

Blood War: Army of Empaths, Book 2. Fantasy/Off-world. Beginning planning.



Trying to resurrect: 

Kill the Crow & Other Stories (title tentative): A collection of short horror/fantasy/science fiction stories.

Kill the Crow: horror. The short story that will appear in the collection by the same title.

When We Were Kings: Fantasy. Short Story.

A Flood of Alchemy: Fantasy, alternate reality, alternate history. Short story.