Quellseek: Army of Empaths

I‘m in the process of writing book one of a trilogy called The Army of Empaths. Quellseek is the first volume. The series takes place on a world called Esphaera. On this world, certain people have over time mysteriously evolved physical empathic abilities which are exploited by others. On this page you’ll find information about the novel, the story, the world of Esphaera and it’s people. 

This page will be continually updated as new material is posted.

Here is a short synopsis/blurb for Quellseek: Army of Empaths:

“The unlikely prince trapped in a loveless marriage to the daughter of his family’s greatest enemy.

The boy whose childhood is full of brutality at the hands of a father who destroys everything he loves.

The girl who fell in love with her protector, lost him, and refuses another, thus becoming an open target to her foes.

The bastard who tries to stay below the notice of everyone.

The Seekers, the Keepers, the Doctors, and others, all part of the secret order who provide death fodder, the Quell, empaths that thwart would-be assassins by absorbing the physical impact of the pain received by others.

And there are those on both sides who resist this bloody feudal society and the lives it destroys.”

Quellseek: Army of Empaths, Book 1: The Mixtape:

Bon Pelees Atarem – How You Remind Me (Nickelback)

Rafael Errick – Disarm (Smashing Pumpkins)

Bona Emery Atarem – Here You Me (Jimmy Eat World)

Bona Marta Sanis Atarem – Mouth Like A Magazine (Showbread)

Father Toleus, Twelve-Star – Enter Sandman (Metallica)

Len Errick – Wonderwall (Oasis)

Wellynd Niles (Welland Truly) – It’s the End of the World (REM)

Bona Emery Atarem – Lovers In A Dangerous Time (Barenaked Ladies)

Alverin Ness – Dare You To Move (Switchfoot)


from Death of the Servant Nissen, Chapter 1

from The Servant of the Never-Lord, Chapter 4

from Quellseek Comes to Endicott, Chapter 14

from Natural Son, Chapter 13

from A Visitor in the Night, chapter 9


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