Published Works

This page is a continual work in progress.

The Archangel of Downward Spiral, flash-fiction. Fantasy. Published 1/21/10 at Soft Whispers, winner of the Pic 1 K contest.

The Curse of the Little Green Hybrid, short story. Fantasy. Published 3/17/10 in Un-luck of the Irish anthology.

Old Man Carver Opens a Can of Whoop Ass, Micro-fiction. Fantasy. Published 9/1/2010 in The Dog Days of Summer e-chapbook.

Telescope Moment, flash-fiction. Horror. Published 9/27/10 in Oh! The Horror anthology.

Out of the Box, Dark fantasy/horror. Published 9/27/10 in Oh! The Horror anthology.

World Wide Web, short story. Sci-fi/horror. Published 9/30/10 in Creepy Things anthology.

Immunity, short story. Microcosmic fantasy. Published 10/6/2010 in Trunk Stories anthology.

The Way Home, Micro-fiction. Horror. Published 10/7/2010 in Something Dark in the Doorway anthology.

The Lust, The Flesh, short story. Horror. Published 10/23/10 in Zombie Nation, St. Pete anthology.

Future History Lesson, drabble. Science Fiction. Published 12/1/10 in the Drabble edition of Luna Station Quarterly.

The Crystal Chamber, drabble. Science Fiction. Published 12/1/10 in the Drabble edition of Luna Station Quarterly.

The New Book on the Shelf, drabble. Fantasy. Published 12/1/10 in the Drabble edition of Luna Station Quarterly.

Sophie Solitaire: Confessions of an End Time Girl, science fiction/drama. Published in Nothing But Flowers anthology online on 2/12/11. Now available as eBook. Coming soon in print format. Proceeds from sales will benefit the flood victims of Queensland, Australia.

The ABC’s of the Apocalypse, science fiction. Published 2/24/11 in Cosmic Catastrophes anthology.

Crunch Time, horror. Published 5/6/2011 in the zombie anthology Undead Is Not An Option. You can read an excerpt of the story over at the Zombie Survival Crew’s website. 

The Blight, speculative fiction. Co-written with Jim Bronyaur. Published 7/25/2011 in the anthology E-pocalypse: E-mails at the End by Pill Hill Press

Nowhere Land, science fiction/alternate history. Published 10/25/2011 in the anthology Eighty Nine by Literary Mixtapes.

The King and His Twenty-Three Subjects, fantasy. Published 10/2011 in the anthology Let’s Talk by the Florida Writers Association.

The Bloodletter’s Tale, horror. Published by the e-zine Flashes in the Dark on 1/20/12

Shiny New Pants, literary. Published by  St. Petersburg College arts e-zine, Ember Skies on 8/22/12 

The ABC’s of the Apocalypse, science fiction. Reprinted in The Best of Friday Flash, Volume 2. 

Published via The Were-Traveler:

tick…tockhorror. In Issue #3, Deadly Love. 2/13/12.

Forty, horror. In Issue #5, The Historical Undead: Alternate History Zombies. 10/29/12.

Coming Soon:

The Apprentice’s Mother, horror. To be published in the anthology Sunday Snaps: The Stories.


Shiny New Pants, Best Short Story: Fiction, Phi Theta Kappa Florida Region. March 4th, 2012.

Shiny New Pants, Carolyn Parker English Awards, St. Petersburg College, 2nd Place, April 2012.

Parker’s Pygmalion, Best Short Story: Fiction, Phi Theta Kappa Florida Region. March 2nd, 2013.

Published Poetry:

painting the sky, published 1/21/10 at Soft Whispers

The Tempest, published 2/17/10at Soft Whispers, and 12/10 in Literary Foray, an anthololgy

Threadbare Heartpublished 3/8/10 at Soft Whispers

Fractals in Love, published 3/19/10 at Soft Whispers

Word Association, 3 a.m., published 3/25/10 at Soft Whispers

Simple Beauty, published 4/6/10 at Soft Whispers.

Poetspublished 4/23/10 at Soft Whispers

seven petals, published 4/25/10 in Seventeen Syllables – Haiku Anthology

Hard Lessons Learned While Growing Uppublished 5/25/10 at Soft Whispers

Only Silence Remainspublished 6/4/10 at Soft Whispers

Golden Warm, published 7/9/10 at Soft Whispers

On the Air, published 7/27/10 at Soft Whispers

Before I Was Numb, published 3/1/11 in Aoife’s Kiss Magazine

Coming Soon: