Free Reads

These are stories and poems I’ve published on my blogs that have not been published anywhere else.


Comfort, drama. Rated R for sexual situations.

Six Minutes, memoir.

Suicide Slush, memoir.

I’ll Be Home For Christmas, slice-of-life.

Is There A Balm?, memoir, tribute to my cat Missy, who passed away 2/12/11. Best cat that ever owned me.

No Hesitation, drama. Rated R for language. Tackling the tough issue of domestic violence.

The Bloodletter’s Tale, horror. Rated R for sexual situations. A blood-sucker vs. a soul-sucker.

Zombie Cupcakes, horror. June Cleaver meets Night of the Living Dead.

Serendipity Sings, drama/literary. A man, a horse, and fate.

The Re-Awakening, horror. A Lovecraftian tale.

The Bloom is Off the Rose, science fiction. A slightly naughty excerpt from my alien/human encounter story.


Muse and Anti-Muse (Melencolia), my attempt at a sonnet.

A Coin from a Fountain, Lost in Time, dedicated to my favorite sexy dead poet.

Forever, for my late husband Shawn.

Just Another Long Goodbye, a love poem.

110 Over: To Save the One or the Seven, science fiction poem based on the short story ‘The Cold Equations,’ by Tom Godwin.

Bastard Out of Oklahoma, rated PG-13 for violent sexual imagery.