Quellseek Songs: Toleus (Enter Sandman)

As part of my preparations for NaNoWriMo, I’m seeking out songs that I can use to inspire my muse before we sit down at the laptop to write. I’m going to be using songs that I associate with my POV characters.

When I was looking for images for my cover, I wanted to showcase Rafael, a young boy who is a Quell hiding from the Seekers.  All I could find in searches of medieval monks were either Christian (my story takes place on another planet…their religion is sort of pantheistic and has hardly anything to do with the Quell Order) or were images of mean, angry, scary monks. If I’d wanted Toleus on my book cover, I’d have used one of those images. Definitely.

Toleus is a Quellborn. He is the child of two Quell parents. He is devoted to the Quell Order and all it stands for. He is a Twelve-Star Quell, which is the highest any Quell can be in the order, next to Keepers, Seekers, and other non-Quell who run the order. He is the highest commander of Quell. He is in charge of their training, both for war and how to hone and control their physical empathic abilities. It is his job to make them unafraid of death, because, let’s face it, as a Quell, you don’t have a long life span. Eventual death is an accepted truth. And he has a special dislike for “outsiders,” Quell discovered on Quellseek.

Toleus is also something the Order calls a “Path Plus.” Not many of them live at the Fortress…or I should say, not many of them are “allowed” to live. Most Path Plus Quell are put to death. They are dangerous.

To put it another way, Toleus is one mean motherf**ker. His song could not be anything else but “Enter Sandman” by Metallica. Because once new Quell from the outside enter his domain, the nightmare begins.


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