Quellseek Songs: Bona Marta (Mouth Like A Magazine)

Courtesy of © Andrey Kiselev - Fotolia

Courtesy of © Andrey Kiselev – Fotolia

As part of my preparations for NaNoWriMo, I’m seeking out songs that I can use to inspire my muse before we sit down at the laptop to write. I’m going to be using songs that I associate with my POV characters.

A friend and I were talking about songs for Bona Marta Sanis Atarem, who, without giving too much away, I could only describe as “stone cold bitch with motives.” She suggested You Oughta Know, by Alanis Morrisette, but that song is so NOT Marta. That song implies a sexual relationship (the whole line about the theater…ahem) and although they’ve been married a little over six months, well, that’s just not happening with Marta. No way. Not yet, anyway. In fact, I’ll be worried for Pelees’ safety if she decides to unbolt her bedroom door and let him in. Fact is, Marta and Pelees come from two families whose prime entertainment for the past couple hundred years has been to try and kill each other off, with varying degrees of success, as you’ll see when you read the book.

Then I remembered the song Mouth Like A Magazineby Showbread. It’s angry and edgy…yes, this song describes Marta to a tee:

“Turning over in interrupted slumber,
You ponder others, growing ever wakeful,
You’ve locked the vermin in the other bedroom,
To be so perfect causes you to feel so thankful,
Now find the fault because your boyfriend can’t read,
Reflecting on to you is all the bitterness you need,
So unhappy, yet so preoccupied,
Never found beaten down with your forked tongue tied.

Your eulogy is like poetry,
But your mouth is like a magazine.
Your eulogy is like poetry,
But your mouth is like a magazine.”


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