Quellseek Songs: Pelees, Part 1 (How You Remind Me)

@Dundanim - Fotolia

@Dundanim – Fotolia

I’ll be posting little snippets of my creative process this year for NaNoWriMo. It involves creating a musical soundtrack of songs I can listen to prior to writing that help me associate with my characters.

Bon Pelees (say it with me….”Pay-leese”) Atarem is the highborn son of Bon Manyx Atarem. He is a man destined to be a prince and he fits the title very poorly. His family has been in a bloody feud with the Sanis family since time out of mind. Then, a marriage was arranged to seal the truce and produce an heir to heal the wounds between the two families. Pelees wed Marta Sanis, a woman who hates Pelees with a passion.

Pelees has two problems as the novel opens: his Quell is dying from a poison meant for him…and he is starting to develop feelings for his wife, who may be the one who poisoned him!

It’s not easy being married to your enemy.

Pelees song is How You Remind Me, by Nickelback. It’s a good song to reflect on the loveless marriage of Bon Pelees Atarem.


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