Writing Prompt #42 The Universe and Everything After

Could prompt number 42 have really been about anything else?


The earth is our home and everything we know about the universe we learned from from her.

So here’s the challenge, writers.

Take the image of the burning planet below. Is it Mother Earth? If so, have we long since moved on to other galaxies and spread ourselves among the stars, with other suns to warm us and another moon or moons to give us light by night? What happened to her, then, our beloved Terra Firma? Is there anyone mourning her death?

Or is this a planet at the edge of the universe, one that foretells our fate? What brave soul, human or alien, discovered this fate? Do they live to pass the warning on?

Maybe this is not a dead world, but one just beginning…coming together from the mass of other exploded suns and worlds. Suppose a team of space explorers discover this brave new world. Are they there on purpose, sent to terraform new planets as soon as the fires of birthing cool? What, if anything, would prohibit them?

I hope I’ve given you some inspiring questions to ponder.

Enjoy! Happy writing, and don’t forget your towel… 😉

A dying Earth? Or a beginning of a new one?


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