April Blogging Frenzy (It just ‘aint happening…)

I started to get interested in the idea of participating in the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge for the month of April. I even started scribbling notes in my journal on things to blog about for specific days according to the alphabetical theme. I went as far as creating a spreadsheet for possible titles of said blog posts, because I dig making spreadsheets. I’m just weird like that.

Then my joints in my right wrist started hurting and popping and put paid to that idea. Stopped it stone dead before it had a chance.

I’ve got some kind of crappy tendonitis thing going on. It’s incredibly painful and it’s all I can just manage to keep working and do my school work. I’m icing it and doing anti-inflammatory drugs. We’ll see.

But sadly, I won’t be doing A-to-Z this year. 😦

I hate to waste good ideas, though, so I will continue to flesh them out and write a post whenever the pain allows me. Hopefully my hand get back to normal soon, because the thought of the pain not going away makes me very scared.


4 thoughts on “April Blogging Frenzy (It just ‘aint happening…)

  1. Sorry to hear you’re not a 100% Maria. Tendonitis can take a while to heal, and you have to be careful not to restrain it (spoken like the ex remedial message therapist I was). Ice and rest and you’ll soon be back to normal ^_^

    • Thanks, Helen. It feels a bit better today. I’m just hoping it is tendonitis (had it before like this and pain went away as soon as I got my hair cut to where I couldn’t twist it anymore!). And not something worse like carpal tunnel. That I don’t need.

      Thanks for your concern! 🙂

  2. Sorry to read you’ve got wrist problems, Maria.

    I had something going on with my left hand, numbness, tingling, for the past while. It’s eased off for the moment – though spent more than a month wearing a wrist brace (making typing ever so much fun!)

    I hope things clear up soon for you.

    Best – KjM

    • Thanks, Kevin! it sucks because I’ve got homework I have to do on computer and online forms for Financial Aid to fill out. Not fun. Glad you hand is feeling better. it’s hard for a writer to have a sore hand! Sure as anything, that’s when the Muse will visit! :-/

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