Interview: Jim Bronyaur Talks “In the Corner”

Cover of "In the Corner" by Jim Bronyaur

This weekend marks the next-to-last stop on Jim Bronyaur’s Blog Tour about his new book “In the Corner.” We will talk to Jim about the stories that make up “In the Corner” and listen to some awesome music by “Butler.” I will be posting a review of “In the Corner” (which is a kick-ass read, by the way) beginning next week. See the tour poster at the end of this post for information on Jim’s last tour stop. 

Thanks for being with us today, Jim. So this is your sixth, and next-to-last stop on your blog tour to promote your book and music project “In The Corner.” Could you tell us a little bit about the book?

In the Corner is three stories I started writing at some point but never finished. They were stories that burned in my mind and wouldn’t go away. So one day I decided to finish the stories and get them published. And they actually fit together in terms of the type of horror they are and the word count worked perfect for a book…

The first story When the Stars Fade is straight horror – a man is getting beat up and just as he’s ready to accept death, something moves and… something big. Dark. He can’t tell what it is but he’s left with one question – is it death coming to take him? Or is it something to help?

The next story, The Second That Burns follows a man named Trevor who survived a car accident that he shouldn’t have. Now, the real horror in this story is Trevor’s mind and guilt. He sees his doctor but the real burning question here is can his doctor, Dr. Philips, save him before the guilt wins?

The final story, The Wrong Side of the Tracks, is a road trip gone wrong. Imagine driving a long stretch of road. It’s boring. Your eyes start to glaze a little, you lose focus for one second. You blink. And the road is different. You blink again. It’s different again. And again. And again. This is the hell Evan and Barbara find themselves in… they up in a small town called Rome where people aren’t who you’d think they’d be…

I understand there’s music that goes with the book. What’s that all about?

For The Wrong Side of the Tracks, Evan is the lead singer in the band, Butler. So I thought, why not write a demo CD for Butler? And release it with the book… music is a love that follows close behind writing and I’ve always wanted to try and find a way to make the two work together.

Where did you get the idea to combine the stories in the book with the music?

Well, the music really pertains to The Wrong Side of the Tracks – the story, etc. But I did try and write the lyrics so that they have meaning no matter what. And in fact, one my personal favorite songs I’ve ever written is on the Butler demo, The Lost and Never Found.

Do you have any plans for further developing this project, like perhaps an audiobook of the novel with the music included?

I do have plans for audiobooks, in the future, but as of now, if I was going to include In the Corner on that list, it was down there quite a bit. And not that In the Corner doesn’t deserve to be an audiobook, I just have other projects due up first. But I think it would be cool to have a full release of the book plus the music.

So, what do you have cooking in that talented but freaky brain of yours to scare the shit out of us next?

The Devil. And zombies. In that order, but not together!

My next book is my first novel, The Devil’s Weekend. It follows a serial killer, Oliver Ignis, who is on the verge of being caught when The Devil shows up and makes him an offer: in exchange for his soul, Oliver has the weekend to kill as many people as he wants… and Oliver cannot be killed by another person. Shoot him and bullets do nothing. Stab him and the blade comes out clean. Cuff him and the cuffs fall off. It’s a serial killers dream but our nightmare… BUT what happens when Oliver decides to kill the wrong person? *dum dum dum* hahaha… the book is due out late July (possibly early August).

I just released the first season of (my award winning!) Pulsate… it was serialized on Flashes in the Dark but I decided to throw in some bonus episodes and a novelette and make it into a book.

I also have a horror poetry project going I call the Poetry StoryTelling Series… I claim it to be a mix between Dr. Seuss and Stephen King. The first book is out (The Killer & She). The second book is due late summer (The House & He).

Aside from that, I’m working on two zombies novels. Now, wait, don’t go rolling your eyes. You don’t know zombies until you’ve read my zombies. I make it so believable that you’ll be afraid to drink your own tap water… or use your microwave… or walk on soft ground.

Finally…where can folks go to get the book and music for “In The Corner?”

Hop over to my site

There’s a link for ALL my books… there you’ll find the book trailers AND samples of the books. Paperbacks are sold through Amazon (if anyone wants signed copies just email me at and we’ll work something out). Anyone who has a Kindle, Nook, computer ,etc. can get my books too… the ebooks are for ANY ereader, cell phone, tablet, etc. and are cheaper than paperbacks. So, go, read!

Oh yeah, just to put it out there… I have an excerpt of The Devil’s Weekend on my site too for download… for FREE.

As promised here is the link for the music Jim is sharing with us today:

Thank you, Jim, for stopping by and sharing your wild inspiration for “In The Corner” with us. People, hop on over to his site and pick up a copy of this book. Once you start reading it, you won’t be able to put it down. 

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