Writing Prompt #8: Nymphs and Lovers

This week I’m giving you an extra treat: two photo prompts instead of one. (Infomercial voice: “Now how much would you pay?”). Well…they’re um…free. Always have been. Ahem. All righty, then. These photos were taken by me at my favorite eating establishment. I also do a bit of WIP planning and writing there. They have dozens of statues in the front of the restaurant: some big, some small. I take pictures of them sometimes. Here are two I’ve photographed recently:

The Nymphs

Photo by Maria Kelly

The Lovers

Photo by Maria Kelly

I only ask that you credit me for the photos if you use them on your website, and that you return here and give me a link for the story or poetry, whatever these pictures inspire you to.

And if your muse wants you to be sexy, hey, go for it! 😉 Just keep in mind that some venues, such as Friday Flash, might not be a good place to showcase your Erotica masterpiece. But…hell yeah, I’ll read it! 8)


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