Writing Prompt #7 Droidocalypse!

Welcome to the Droidocalypse. Androids that turn either on each other or on us and start munching down! Zombie droids! Or they kill in some interesting new way. Maybe they like to nibble…at the mind or the heart—not for sustenance, but for their own twisted reasons.

Do whatever you like with an android, so long as the future prospects for humanity look bleak. How would other droids view a hero among them, say, the droid who initiated the destruction of mankind? Would he be their messiah? Their saint? Maybe there’s a hero droid who tries to save humans. Infinite possibilities, here.

Or use the image below to inspire you.

Image from Fotolia

As always, if you get some inspiration from this, I hope you come back and leave me a link. I’m interested in anything you might do with this.


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