Writing Prompt #6: Unlikely Heroes, Unlikely Weapons

I watched Shaun of the Dead recently as part of getting psyched up for Zombie Month over at Horror Chat 13.

One of my favorite scenes was when Shaun and Ed were trying to kill the zombies in the back yard. They bring out a box of “weapons” from the house that include a blender, a toaster, and (as seen in the trailer above) a box of vinyl records.

Shaun and his friends are about the unlikeliest group to survive a zombieapocalypse as you can imagine.

So, the challenge is this: write a zombie story with unlikely heroes (or heroines), unlikely weapons (hand-beaters to the rescue!) or both.

Serious double-fudge brownie points to whoever can kill a zombie in the most creative way.

And remember: if you use this prompt to write a brilliant, brain-bashing tale, come back here and leave me a link. I’d LOVE to read it.


Image courtesy of pastrychef.com


2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #6: Unlikely Heroes, Unlikely Weapons

  1. The most unlikely heroes would be the zombies themselves; wouldn’t it? Perhaps devise a scenario where someone who’s already dead saves a living person, kitten, whatever… 🙂

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