#HorrorChat13 and shiny new paperback books…

Courtesy of horrorchat.info

Jim Bronyaur and I just finished doing the first ever #HorrorChat13 Friday on Twitter and it was awesome. Lots of folks stopped in to talk with us about the Friday the 13th movies and horror in general. A bleeding, festering meme got started and a good time was had by all. Jim and I had a private chat on Saturday about what we’ll be cooking up for the future and I’ll just say this: You don’t want to miss it! It will be BLEEDING, FESTERING AWESOME. In caps, it’s that good. 😀 If you’d like to read Jim’s post about it over at the HorrorChat13 site it’s here and there’s a transcript of the whole thing right here.  Next month we are going to be talking about zombies and speaking of which…

In other news, I received a package from UPS today…guess what it contained?

Bad hair day...great book day.

That’s right! I’ve received my copies of Zombie Survival Crew’s Undead Is Not An Option, which has my insane RPG/Twitter story Crunch Time in it. I’m going to be publishing a post here soon that will give you a chance to win a copy. If you simply must have it now and don’t want to wait, you can purchase it at the Zombie Survival Crew Merch Shop.

Speaking of shiny and beautiful new paperbacks, the PB edition of Nothing But Flowerswill be launched by editor/author Jodi Cleghorn tomorrow. My story Sophie Solitaire: Confessions of an End-Time Girl is in that one. Jodi is launching her other flood charity project in paperback edition, 100 Stories for Queensland, tomorrow as well. The books will be available on Amazon or you can purchase them on Jodi’s sites by clicking on the titles. The proceeds from the purchase of these books goes to help people who were affected by the flooding in Queensland, Australia.

You could help some people out buying these books, and you’d have some quality stories to read, too.


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