Talking Scary Stuff & Zombies

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Just a little quickie post to catch you up on what’s happening.  Got some pretty major stuff going on…so you might want to grab a pencil and jot some of this down.

Sometime last month Jim Bronyaur and I started talking about Twitter chats. One thing led to another and voila!—we started our own chat. It’s called #HorrorChat13 and it’s going to be THE PLACE TO BE on the 13th of each month on Twitter. Our first chat is this month at 9 pm. Since that happens to fall on a Friday, we’re going to be talking about…yup, that’s right…those gruesome and timeless murders at Camp Crystal Lake. We’ll probably talk about some other stuff, too, since it’s our first chat. So drop by and say hello, won’t you? Here’s the website, and you can also click on the banner above to get there: Welcome to #HorrorChat13

In other news, the folks over at Zombie Survival Crew have put together a book trailer via YouTube for the upcoming anthology Undead Is Not An Option. If you watch, you’ll see that Jim and I have stories in this anthology. I’ve gotten to know a couple of the other writers in the book and I can tell you it’s going to be chock full of sick ass zombie mayhem. You can order a copy here: Undead Is Not An Option.

You can view the book trailer below:

I will have a contest coming up to give away some copies of the book. One way you can register to win is by joining my legion of minions…er…I mean friends on my Facebook page: Maria’s Secret Scary Empire.

Stay tuned for more information…


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