Days of Mammon

They lived  their Mammon days

in Hunger

and held their hearts

with heavy hands

while slippery fingers

gripped their treasures


and they cursed the Honest Man

who because of his honesty

was Poor and Wretched

in their eyes

and unworthy even to soil their boots

with a kick.


The Hungry were well-fed

on the creature comforts

They stored it all up

nuts in the cheeks of squirrels

fat on the bellies of bears

that never hibernate


The Honest Man had nothing to hide

his pockets were empty

and no doubt full of holes

but he had a storehouse, too,

possessed a treasury of smiles

that he did not keep, but gave away like sunshine.


And when the days of mammon

were done, the Hungry

remained unsatisfied in death

never having obtained what they wanted in life,

which was More…

always More.


And the Honest Man

although Poor and Wretched

never lacked a thing

not because he ever possessed anything

but because

Nothing possessed him.


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