2011: A New Odyssey

I know a lot of us writers are reviewing the past year and hopefully learning something of value from both our accomplishments and our setbacks.

I’m looking forward to 2011. I have plans for the coming year that include taking my writing to new levels and branching out by trying new forms of getting my work noticed.

Here’s my list of writing goals for 2011:

1.) Sell my first fiction story. I sold my first poem earlier this year and it will be published (and I’ll be paid for it) in March 2011. I have several short stories I’m working on for submissions to magazines. I’ll try some of these stories with the paying markets first. If rejected, then I’ll sub them off to the non-pay publications.

2.) Finish my novel. I started this awesome alternate reality fantasy “The Mages of Morrow” for NaNoWriMo. My job in 2011 is to finish it. Hopefully before November 2011, the next NaNo.

3.) Get more work published. As noted above: try pay-markets first, then non-pay. I had 7 stories published last year in the non-pay markets. That number will likely decrease since it will take longer submitting to the paying markets, and I’m probably going to get a few more rejections. That’s okay. No pain, no gain.

4.) E-books. Investigate how to design small e-books of some of my short stories and Friday Flash pieces and make them available to readers. This goal is courtesy of a suggestion from a dear writing friend.

5.) Audio. I’ve seen my Friday Flash friends posting their stories to Spoken Sunday and it’s sparked my interest in audio. I need to find out how to record and how to post audio to my blogs. Any help my Twitter friends can give me on this subject will be greatly appreciated. I will send you chocolate. ****Bribe**** 😀

6.) Have fun! The most important lesson I learned last year is that you have to enjoy your writing.

So that’s my plan for writing into the year 2011.

What’s yours?


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